View Full Version : strange white sports, 3d, cut scenes

27th Aug 2011, 23:03
i play deus ex hr with gtx 465 in sli, on windows 7 64 bit. i noticed some npcs and i think once on jenson, there seem to be small white spots, almost as if the wireframe used to design the structure of the characters is poking through sometimes. is there a way to fix this? maybe change a graphics setting?

i noticed that the story related cut scenes in the game look a little blocky. for example they do not seem to look as good as the actual in game graphics. the sky/ clouds seem very pixelated , it is kind of how graphics on the ps2 looked like. is this how it is supposed to be or is there a fix for it?

is the "Vision" logo amd related where jenson works? and is it me or do the outer walls of the offices look like giant ATI video cards? either way it looks cool i am just a little pissed at ati for dominating the game and not allowing 3d vision support.

an addition of support for nvidia 3d vision would also be greatly appreciated.

even though there are some minor set backs, and a strange dominating presence of AMD/ ATI in the game I still love it!!