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27th Aug 2011, 22:55
I just want to list my system specs and share what I do to get the game running perfectly. This probably will not fix everyone's problems, but this is what worked for me.

I apologize if the location of this post creates more work for the mods, I'm only trying to help.

Originally, when I ran the game, I couldn't get any visual, only audio, and my screen would say "Mode not supported". The problem was caused by the default refresh rate not being compatible with the default screen resolution of the game on my monitor. By making a shortcut of the dxhr.exe, and adding -config to the command line in the shortcut (right-click the shortcut, click "properties", then add "-config" without the quotes to the command line.. and the -config has to be outside the quotes for the path and filename dxhr.exe). Then I was able to change the refresh rate to 60, which works for my screen, and change the resolution to optimal for my system (1280x1024). I know it's not insanely sharp res, but I value framerate with nearly maxed out settings above all. Also, I temporarily change my display settings to 1024x768 @ 60Hz to start the game, and then the game sets the display accordingly (I don't know how or if that affects people who run their PCs on bona fide monitors, as opposed to my use of an LCD TV in VGA mode). Then, when I am in-game, I'm able to change settings reliably.

Another thing I wanted to mention was that I clicked on the "Compatibility" tab in the shortcut properties, and ticked "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)", "Disable visual themes", "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings", and "Run this program as an administrator".

Before I forget, I also disabled DEP. I don't know if that helped, but I thought I'd try it anyway. I opened the command prompt as an administrator (Click "Start", type in "cmd" into the search field, right-click "cmd.exe", and click "Run as administrator". Then typed in "bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff" and hit enter, then restarted my machine. If you want to turn it back on, it's "bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn" instead.

I do not take credit for those parts because I found it in a few of the posts on this forum - I apologize for not remembering your names, whoever you are, but if it helped me run the game, then thank you. Honestly, I don't know if it would have worked without doing those things, since I ran it that way from the get-go, but it works for this game on my system (and a number of other games as well on my system, so most likely, and a number of people who run Windows Vista and Windows 7 have reported those things to help also).

I also have all the latest motherboard and video card drivers, and the most recent DirectX.. and, come to think of it, I also installed something called "vcredist_x86.exe", and "DXSETUP.exe" from a little folder named "dx90c".

Here are the settings that work for my system in the config menu:

Display Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Antialiasing Mode: Edge AA
Texture Filtering: Trilinear
Shadows: Normal
SSAO: Normal
DOF: Normal
Enable Triple Buffering
Enable VSync
Enable Post-Processing

Now, my system specs:

I'm running a custom-built machine...

XFX nForce 750a AMD SOCKET 940 DDR2 motherboard (onboard HD sound)
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz
6.00 GB DDR2 RAM
nVidia GeForce 9800 GT (Integrated RAMDAC, 3307 MB)
750W CoolMax Power Supply
22" Vizio LCD TV (in VGA mode)
Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium
DirectX 10

I experience very few crashes, and they are far in between.

Hope this helps somebody.


28th Aug 2011, 21:13
DEP crash in game?
Is your system clear of dust? Check your temps. Check memory under a load.

OCCT can do that.

Sometimes old hardware can't handle the strain.. slight underclocking or slight and careful overvolts can help(take care with temps for that).

My ASUS p5n-D required some over volts for full load stability with a Q9650, both new.

Capacitors do age and stability starts to slip.. dust is like a heat blanket and can be conductive(yes smokers).

29th Aug 2011, 19:33
I forgot to say that the game is flowing like silk on my machine. B) Stunning visuals and everything's looking fantastic. I haven't tried running it without the modified shortcut, but why mess with success? I just wanted to let other people know what works for me in case it helps with their problems, that's all. =)

Feel free to skip the 'blah-blah' as I'm prone to digress.. ;)

No need for me to OC, since I've built my rig with top-notch hardware on a mobo that's designed to run games. [Not to brag, but...] Originally, my config was running in SLI with two 9800 GTs and a gig of VRAM on each, but one of the fans went bad and I had to remove that GPU. Interestingly, all my games still run just as smooth with only one GPU, which made me wonder why I bought two GPUs in the first place.. (later, I found out that SLI was primarily for 3D - which kinda sucks because I've never had a chance to use a 3D monitor, and it would cost me over $50 for an aftermarket cooler to replace the stock cooler with the bad fan; oh, when will heatsink fans be manufactured with magnetic bearings instead of these obsolete ball-bearings?).

Hopefully, my hardware will last until 3D displays go down in price, because I've got a fetish for immersion and I'd LOVE to be able to play all my games with depth perception (just quakes at the idea). My rig was nearly state-of-the-art four years ago, but all the games I've played since then still run like a dream so I'm a happy mofo. Frankly, I avoid OC'ing because my system runs hot as it is, but thanks for the link, it looks like excellent diagnostic software and I'll check it out. Also wanted to mention that I've always been a fan of nVidia and AMD (this is not an endorsement and I am not a solicitor, but my PC hardly ever crashes - even after running for days and days on end without rebooting, and this is on Windows Vista Home Premium x64).

Sorry for the tangent. Thanks for replying to my post.