View Full Version : can't even play it

27th Aug 2011, 22:49
i can't even play the game, i get through the intro, then examine there first room, then when you leave you get another cutscene then my pc reset's itself, i have reinstalled my OS with no antivirus and nothing else installed apart from the latest driver's, even running in direct x 9 still reset's my pc, my graphic's card is 3 day's old so i know it can't be that, i give up, and have asked steam for a refund, i doubt i'll get it, all in all i think this game is in an alpha state, what a load of tosh

my specs are

intel q6600
4GB kinston hyper x ram
nvidia ZOTAC gtx470 (3 day's old)
600 watt PSU
asus p5ql-pro motherboard
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