View Full Version : PC stutter / microstutter info 4 the developers

27th Aug 2011, 22:24
I want to use this thread for us gamers to give feedback to the developers to help them with making a fix for this very very annoying stutter we get, the so called (micro) stutter issue.
This is for the people who are having this problem.

lets make a overview as simple as possible
ill start and please back me up with this :

PC specs : ( your PC rig )
problem occurs : indoors / outdoors
game crash : yes no
in-gamesettings : ( low, med. max etc. )
v-sync : on / off
fix suggestion : own comment as short as possible

And would some admin be so kind to make a poll for this ?
Like having (micro ) stutter issue yes or no ...

27th Aug 2011, 22:26
PC specs : i5 2500K @4,5 4Gb DDR3 HD 6950
problem occurs : outdoors
game crash : no
in-gamesettings : max
v-sync : on
fix suggestion : none

27th Aug 2011, 22:34
As I wrote on seperate thread but sadly didn't see this one, mine is using a fixed main memory of around 443mb all the time. Can anyone else confirm via ctrl-alt-del task manager their Deus Ex also isn't using anything like the amount of available ram in their system?.

PC: Core i7 920, 6gb DDR3 1600mhz, ATI HD4850 1gig, XP Pro 32-bit (hence can only see about 3.6gigs of the main ram)
Problem: Usually upon entering new area, like its having to load some more via hard drive.
Game Crash: only when I try to change graphic settings
in-game settings: default FXAA max, bilinear
v-sync: on
fix suggestion: look into how much ram Deus EX HR uses on PC platform, feels like its almost fixed like a console. Allow more of the world to be loaded into ram to take advantage of it

27th Aug 2011, 23:57
YOu should edit this to direct people to the original thread though, which is the one most likely to get devs reading it as it's the "main" thread so to speak.

I do like the idea of giving them structured info , more than the "yeah I stutterz, plz fix!" posts :)

28th Aug 2011, 10:21
If by stuttering, you mean the thing that happens when you enter a new area and look around.. yeah I got it.

PC specs : i5-2500K (3.7GHz Turboboost on an Intel DP67BG), ASUS GTX560Ti DCU II Top, 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHZ RAM. Random 2TB HDD. Everything is brand new and no other game seems to be having any problems. It destroys games like Oblivion even with extra detailed textures. Playing on 1680x1050 native resolution. Latest drivers (280.26 I believe) are installed.
problem occurs : Both, but not as much in small areas.
game crash : Sometimes yes. I had a crash right after I Talked to the Dutchman and left Pods
in-gamesettings : (Try to keep everything at max. DX11 is enabled. Soft shadows. All I could find as high as it would go. Tried pretty much every other in-game setting though, but that didn't solve my problem.)
v-sync : Forced on along with Triple Buffering in D3DOverrider.
fix suggestion : I would have no idea because I'm not a programmer. The game runs at 60 frames per second and sometimes a little bit over it most of the time. It just has the weirdest FPS drop I have ever seen whenever I try to turn around in a new area, as if everything that was behind me hadn't loaded properly yet or something.

28th Aug 2011, 11:57
Pc specs: Intel i72600K @ 4.5ghz
2x Sli Asus DCUII GTX580 (280.26 drivers)
8GB G.Skill Ripjaws x 2133Mhz
WesternDigital Caviar Black 1TB
Fatal1ty X-Fi Soundcard
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Problem occurs : Random places indoors/outdoors

Game crash : Never crashed

In-gamesettings : Everything up/high @ 1920x1080

V-sync : on via D3Doverrider + TripleBuffering

Fix suggestion : Ive tried everything i can, my fps stays stable 60 but the game still stutters, framerate doesnt even dip down during stutters. But yeah im out of ideas.

28th Aug 2011, 16:35
No stutter at all.

specs: Q9650 3ghz, ASUS P5N-D, 4GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-12, GTX470, Sound Blaster Titanium HD, WD1501FASS 1.5TB, VISTA 64.
occurs: stutter never, crashs on exit almost every time.
game crash: ones in game.. almost every time I exit(DEP)
settings : maxed with FXAA(speckles in other AA modes)
v-sink : on
fix: exit.. This, alpha protocol, and shogun 2 crash on exit for me.. not sure why(Too aggressive of an unload? early memory deallocation? hang on HD response? creative drivers slow to respond? Timing exit in between HD LED flashes is the only time I don't get a DEP on exit.... SOO I think it's related to the HD and controller drivers. The drive is sluggish but faster then some SSD's in sustained read/writes.

It would be a wait until X has finished or until Y amount of time has passed in the exit code to fix?
Something is happening out of order or a task is taking longer then expected?