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27th Aug 2011, 22:24
Hi all,

Been playing the game for a couple of days and I think it's quite good so far.
But one thing that surprised me is that the sniper rifle couldn't be silence,
until I found out it is in the augmented edition...

That's really annoying. I bought my copy off steam and that fact
wasn't mentioned in the description of the augmented edition.

If it was, i would have bought the Aug edition since it's the play-style I
most enjoyed in the original.

And wft Edios, you can't withhold content which changes how you play the
game so much. The sniper rifle is useless unless it's silenced since you'll
get spotted asap. And on realistic, you die if you get spotted.

I would pay extra for some DLC which fixes this. I've already spent
so many upgrades on my sniper rifle that I don't want to throw it
away (and it isnt exactly small). Really annoyed about this...

Edios : please consider fixing this - this game is about playing the
game the way you want to - and I can't because I assumed would
a silenced sniper rifle would be available. You could release this
as a payable DLC - I don't mind paying extra for this - and would
wait until it's released.

Really disappointed about this...ruined my build.
Anyway, I don't expect anything to happen.
Just needed to vent...

28th Aug 2011, 21:34
Awh man, that's bull****. I was looking forward to a silenced sniper rifle :(

28th Aug 2011, 21:44
Couple things:

First, the silenced sniper rifle is a preorder bonus from Amazon.com (maybe some other places but that's the only one I noticed), not from the Augmented Edition. Just wanted to clear that up so this doesn't mislead anyone into buying the augmented edition and wondering where it is.

Second, you can see all the attachments a particular weapon can have before you start upgrading it so either you knew what you were getting into before you upgraded it or you overlooked that and found out too late.

All that being said I'm disappointed that you can't silence the standard sniper rifle as well, I hope a patch or DLC will amend this.

28th Aug 2011, 22:18
Silenced Sniper IS in the Augmented Edition, but only in some EU countries and also physical copies only and some digital ones (NOT steam)

29th Aug 2011, 15:27
A silencer doesn't silence supersonic rounds. A silencer could port gas in front of the supersonic round to stop it from going supersonic, but that would lower the damage. Players would be mad if adding a silencer lowered damage and they couldn't remove it. A separate silenced rifle is required as there is only supersonic sniper rifle ammo... sucks that silenced sniper rifle was Amazon preorder only.

Turn up the volume and listen for the sonic boom(crack). It gives away position.
1 and 3 are supersonic
2 and 4 subsonic

29th Aug 2011, 16:20
Silenced sniper rifle automagically appears in your inventory before the start of the FIRST MISSION, if you bought the expensive edition. Way to **** it up.

29th Aug 2011, 16:44
Silenced sniper rifle automagically appears in your inventory before the start of the FIRST MISSION, if you bought the expensive edition. Way to **** it up.

Thank you for letting me know.. I did the steam preorder.. It feels like cheating when you just start with the stuff.. In strategy guide they have locations on maps for them so I assumed.. and assumed wrong.

I would buy extra weapons as DLC. I hate starting with uber weapons that make the game too easy.. underpowered starters are nice though.

29th Aug 2011, 17:08
In kind of a "vote with your wallet" philosophy, I've stopped buying fancy editions altogether.

I mean, collectors editions with real life stuff like posters and swag, and maybe even cosmetic stuff like reskins and clothing, are awesome.

But removing stuff that obviously belong in the game world (like missions and weapons), and making it exclusive for certain stores and/or editions is a complete ***** move. It colors my opinion of the devs, publishers and the stores carrying these promotions negatively. It has the day one DLC stink of greed all over it, and I'll keep it mind next time a game is up for release.

It's like if a directors cut of a movie played the same day as the "normal" one, but only in select theaters at a premium price (I don't think this actually happens, but I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest).

Anyway, this was more of a rant on the current state of the industry. I love my vanilla edition of the game, and I'm just going to pretend no other editions exist and judge it by its own merits.

29th Aug 2011, 17:29
I know it's only a small condolence, but you can find a silenced sniper rifle in the second final area of the game behind a Hack 5 door :(

29th Aug 2011, 18:00
There's a silenced sniper rifle in Detroit if you know where to look, but you'll need some fancy hacking skills or the correct pocket secretary code, plus a nasty security system.

I'm not even sure it shows up if you don't buy the augmented/preorder edition though. (Mine's from the aug. ver.)

29th Aug 2011, 21:40
No it only shows up if you buy the Amazon special edition.. There are other items that show up in many locations if you got it at gamestop.. I have all the map locations for all of them and they aren't there.

I'll buy them.. It's not an issue and I don't want to start with them. Just have them in the maps to find.
I payed 10% less, and I'm good for lots of DLC.. There are many things on the cutting room floor.

I personally don't think the silence sniper rifle, grenade launcher, and unlocking devices were cutting room floor material. The UR-DED, and double barrel do look like they could be cutting room floor though, I can see that.