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27th Aug 2011, 21:59
While playing DE:HR, I've come across a game breaking problem. At the end of Chapter 7, when leaving Detroit to go to Hengsha for the first time, the game will freeze at the load screen. I talk to Faridah, and get the chopper liftoff scene, then the game load screen. It's now been 30 minutes since my last attempt to go to Hengsha, and I'm still staring at this screen, as I'm writing this post. On one attempt, I even went out and bought groceries and came home, in case it just took a really long time! This is my 7th attempt to travel from Detroit to Hengsha. I know it's not my PS3, as I can access all PS functions through the PS button on my controller. It's also updated to the latest version. I've tried reloading previous saves, and turning off and restarting my PS3 to no avail.

*edit* going on 30 tries now. Reinstalled game and no luck. This game is dead to me now...can't even make it past the first hub.

29th Aug 2011, 13:07

29th Aug 2011, 14:00
Bad disk?

29th Aug 2011, 15:17
Disc surface looks flawless. I'm taking it back to gamestop today to exchange. We'll see...

30th Aug 2011, 02:04
Swapped out the game for a new copy in case the disc I had was a bad burn, but no such luck. New disc wouldn't load either. I guess ill just wait till eidos gets their **** straight...