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27th Aug 2011, 21:53
So I was making my way through the TYM building when I hit the save limit cap. "Save limit cap?" I thought to myself "What is this nonsense?" I decided, well, it'll be a pain to have to scroll through every time I want to make a new save, I'll just archive them elsewhere and keep going by making new saves. I found the folder, backed up all the files in it to an external HD, blew away the saves I didn't need from my system, and booted up the game again. Lo and behold, the save index kept thinking I had all those saves, that weren't there, and naturally didn't work.

So I started doing some experimentation. With my trusty backup safely away on a different drive, I took a look at the save index. Opening it in Notepad or Wordpad just brings up loads and loads of gibberish that looks like it can be cleanly edited to wipe out specific entries. But you can't, doing anything to the file results in a bad index, forcing a new game.

So since that didn't work, I blew away all the saves, and started a new game. Made a save, and the index has now corrected itself for this new save. Then I tried just swapping names around, substituting my last save from the old playthrough for the new one, hoping the game wouldn't notice. Naturally the game wouldn't allow the save to load.

I then came here, read about how save file shenanigans may require steam cloud to be deactivated. So I did that, for both the game and steam in general. Everything I had tried still didn't work. Crestfallen, I restored my backup only to find that... the game wouldn't accept the save index. I had basically lost 20 hours of work, or so I thought. Thankfully, restarting Steam restored the save game's functionality.

So of course, now knowing that the steam may need to be restarted to get things working, I again tried the ol' delete, edit, substitute strategies. Did it work? Of course not, or else I wouldn't be here, would I?

The TLDR Version: I deleted saves, tried to edit the saveindex file, substituted save games, with and without getting it to work nice with steamcloud. Nothing would allow me to effectively delete the 98 saves that I don't need on my system. All of this because the game lacks either unlimited saves (understandably infeasible due to steam cloud support) or proper save file deletion (which is just baffling).

Granted I wouldn't need the vast majority of those saves in the first place had I known that the game had quicksave/quickload support (something I didn't know because there were no options to change the key bindings for those functions, another baffling decision), and I did find a way to effectively backup and restore a set of 102 save files. But that way would actually be less hassle if the old beta limit of 20 saves was still in place. Overwriting 20 saves is after all easier than overwriting 99.

I implore you Eidos, fix this somehow. Either allow automatic updating of the save index to account for the contents of the save folder (or better yet, figure out a way to be rid of the index altogether and just allow the game to detect save files in the folder). Or allow manual deletion of save files in-game (probably the simpler solution for all involved). Or even just keep the "New Save" button, but doing so would shuffle all the saves down, FIFO-style (you already do this for the autosaves anyway, no?)

Has anyone else discovered or tried anything else as a workaround?

28th Aug 2011, 00:08
I don't know if you're aware or not, but there's a little X that pops up to the right of each of your saves when you try to Save or Load a game.

28th Aug 2011, 01:47
I don't know if you're aware or not, but there's a little X that pops up to the right of each of your saves when you try to Save or Load a game.

He wants to mass delete save files like some other games allow you to do as he doesnt want to hot X 99 times then Yes another 99

28th Aug 2011, 06:10
If your on the 360 you can move entire folders from one device to another under Folder Options Y within Memory Management.

1) Select the Deus ex folder, select all elements and move them to a formatted USB stick.
2) Open up the USB stick, select the save game you want to keep and move it back to the HDD.
3) Format the USB stick.