View Full Version : Cloaks and daggers issue

27th Aug 2011, 21:27
cannot complete Nuetralize all MCB oppostion task. Indicator is hovering over water tower (above the map ) re3ad some of the other post but were not helpful. any clue on how i can complete or get bug fixed??

27th Aug 2011, 22:01
If I recall this is in the course of trying to silently knockout the key witness, correct?

The door to get in is not on ground level. I'll leave it at that.

28th Aug 2011, 19:35
im guessing i didnt make it clear. MCB mob is already taken out. and the indicator is no longer on the inside of the building. when you leave the building through one of 2 windows to get to the stirs(firescape) ittl show the indecator to yourleft over the water tower. Also there is no way of reaching it.