View Full Version : No Technical Updates? It May Be Time....

27th Aug 2011, 20:27
For everyone that is crashing, to inform Steam that they are going to request their money back.

The Compilation Thread has not been updated since the 23rd.

There have been few if any responses by Eidos Staff on any of the crashing issues.

It just may be time for a mass exodus from the game, if the Gamers, who ARE the bread and butter here, continue to be IGNORED!

What are your thoughts folks??

27th Aug 2011, 20:29
You need to be more patient. Obviously, not everyone is having these problems.

27th Aug 2011, 20:38
There are a multitude of bugs and problems with this POS "game", all of, or at least the vast majority of, them should have been resolved prior to it being put on general sale to the public.

It's not about patience, 4 days is plenty of time to, at the very least, acknowledge the issues & respond to let users know what is being done & when a fix is likely to be available.

Just take the POS back, get a full refund and never buy any software carrying the names of the developers or publishers again, simple.
Vote with your feet, or your wallet.

27th Aug 2011, 20:54
Do you remember a time when most games were released big free?

Ahhhhh. I love you Monkey Island.

28th Aug 2011, 07:09
Making unfounded statements or bashing the game/devs or boycotting calls will not get your bugs fixed quicker.