View Full Version : Zoomed field of view and gravity

27th Aug 2011, 18:55
Ok, is it just me or does the field of view feel kinda zoomed in.

I normally love the first person perspective in games, but in this I kinda feel like I'm slightly zoomed in all the time like everythings more in my face.

I don't mean the width aspect issue people have commented on with wide screen monitors, where you can adjust the stretch in the settings. I'm using a standard 4/3 aspect ratio monitor, and adjusting that just makes everything oddly squished n thin, its best left on the default 75%.

But no, its kinda like if our normal field of vision is a camera on its standard wide angle setting. Someones pushed the zoom function slightly so I'm seeing less overall but its all very up close n personal.

I'm pretty sure the original Deus Ex didn't suffer from this at all, certainly not from memory, I don't have it installed at the moment so can't directly compare, but I know I never ever felt like everything was too in my face with the first game.

So something you guys could possibly look into?.

The second point is the gravity, it is definitely off. When you start falling you fall at an accelerated rate that doesn't match the reality of gravity at all. It's a very odd sensation when making a jump and the down part is soo severe.