View Full Version : Character interaction shuts down game

27th Aug 2011, 18:25

Just bought the game for my computer, but it keeps shuting down without warnings or what so ever.
During the interaction with characters you get to see choises. For example when you are at the helipad
and Malik asks you if you're fine. When i click the left option, the game simply shuts down, no warning, no errors nothing.

Afther checking the interactin with other characters, it appears its constantly the choise on the left that causes this problem.

I just reinstalled my computer and the game without any luck.


Windows 7 proffesional 64bit
striker 2 extreme mobo
Q9650 intel cpu
4gb DDR3 ram
Asus nvidia gtx 260 OC-ed version
3 HDD's striped raid config.

Gameplay through steam.

1st Sep 2011, 06:16
no one? problem still exists causing problems with finishing quests :(

1st Sep 2011, 08:08
This thread might help you out.


It at least shows that Eidos are aware of the problem. There are also a couple of other threads about this bug buried on the Technical Support forum.