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27th Aug 2011, 18:04
Hey guys, I just got Deus Ex HR on the Australian release date, and I got the Augmented Edition via steam. I don't think we steam buyers got the Augmented DLCs that came with it. I just wondered if you guys were releasing those DLCs? Or more DLCs? I must say the game still has me on the intrigue. I would love to buy the pre order DLCs because frankly the game is short in one play through, though I've been playing it my second time around.

The game is awesome. Well done, I love it and was also wondering if there could be an expansion to this. Uh... I doubt it. But the ending does remind me of Fallout 3. But then again, this is already enough. Thank you!

27th Aug 2011, 23:23
I hear you man, but while i'd love to spare a few pennies to shut up that excessive voice in my head with OCD, i'm afraid they won't be released as buyable DLCs due to being part of this whole pre order deal. Looks like i'll never be able to own the "full game" now, but one can always hope, right?

Lets just cross fingers an admin takes note of this.

28th Aug 2011, 03:12
Bethesda will be releasing all the preorder DLCs in one pack. Maybe Square will do the same thing. :-)

You really aren't missing that much. The Explosive Mission pack is more fan service than anything. It's fun, but don't lay away lamenting your loss. :-)

28th Aug 2011, 03:25
I just hope there is some new DLC. Reasonably priced, reasonably elaborate side-missions that compliment the ones already in the game. Would be perfect to have before I begin my next playthrough.

Which means Eidos need to make and release it within the next 8 hours, as I'm starting again once I get out of bed tomorrow.

28th Aug 2011, 03:31
Yeah I pre ordered mine too... I just know that steam wasn't releasing the pre order dlc. I actually want to snipe people without every guard knowing where I am such and such. Oh well... Steam sold it pretty cheap for me~

Let me say if there were going to make DE 4 ,hyperthetically, then the DLCs could lead onto that maybe. But then it'd turn out like Mass Effect 2 or whatever. I just want to see more content and like maybe a Deus Ex : HD? WOAH I mean I play Deus Ex with the High Definition mod but like the stealth in that is SO DIFFICULT!.

Anyway DLCs! :D Thank you! I want to play for more then 20 hours in one playthrough :P.

28th Aug 2011, 03:56
How about they add the Montreal hub back into the game? I'd buy that for $10-20.

28th Aug 2011, 04:24
I would LOVE a Montreal hub!

One of the few disappointments with this game, was Picus Offices being the only Montreal location. A Montreal hub would be a great addition. I suppose it might take some time to incorporate new missions, locations, and characters in Montreal to affect and bode well with the overall story, but it certainly would be a nice download.

28th Aug 2011, 07:26
Wow the dedication... x.x" I would buy the DLCs no matter the price! :D LOL Then I'd be upset if it was expensive and it just gave me dirt T.T