View Full Version : Ways I think Deus Ex: HR could improve.

27th Aug 2011, 16:25
After playing through the game, the first half stealth without killing anyone and the second half sealthing into a good position and THEN killing everyone (I found it more of a pain to stealth completely so I went the easy, less exp way of killing.). There are some things that bothered me about Deus Ex. I figured I should point them out and see what other people think.

1. One weapon to rule them all. 10mm Pistol. As soon as you got the armor piercing upgrade this weapon was god mode. I avoided using it just to see how many shots it took (to the head) in comparison... It wasn't pretty.

The 10mm Pistol will one shot anyone in the head (Excluding bosses of course, but I'm sure it goes by faster with a 10mm Pistol than any other weapon. Not replaying the boss fights and counting my shots to find out though. It destroys the small bots in 10 or 11 shots. I did count, but forget if it stopped at 10 or 11. Where as the heavy rifle takes upwards of 50 to do anything to the bots.

Now I'm not saying the 10mm needs to be weaker, I think ALL the other guns need a boost. Unloading a Machine Pistol clip into someones face should be enough to kill them. Enemies with a Heavy Rifle however, shrug off those Machine Pistol headshots like they were nothing. I realize the Machine Pistol is the weakest damage output but my point is, augmented or not people should die when you shoot them in the head... More so when it was 30 times with a automatic weapon.

2. Energy limitation. I saw NO point WHAT-SO-EVER in the energy cell amount upgrades. You can only recharge up to the first one without items. And even then only one item will ever take you past 3. And they aren't exactly all over the place (and take up a large portion of your limited inventory space to boot). Why go past 3 energy cells when you can keep some candy bars that would be just as effective with 3 cells as it would with 5? You still need to use them to replenish UP to 5, so its not like you save yourself the trouble of having to carry them around or use them if you have more cells.

The Energy Cell problem (Well I think its a problem) was one of the biggest disappointments in the game for me. Unless I had a hefty supply of candy (I know its not actually candy, but thats what I'm calling it.) then I was extremely limited in what I could do. One energy cell, Three guards, and out of candy? Too bad you'll have to take one out at a time and wait an exceedingly long amount of time to take out the next. What about all that time you spent with a full energy cell and two empty ones sneaking around? No dice, only one of your batteries recharge.

This is the main reason I stopped trying to sneak around so much and just started using my guns. That brings me to my next point.

3. Extremely limited ammo. I even spent a large amount of the game NOT using my guns AT ALL. The game claims you can take whatever path you want, guns blazing or stealth. The TRUTH is you have one VIABLE option, and that is stealth. Near the end of the game I kept 4 guns with me at all times. Combat Rifle, 10mm Pistol, Machine Pistol, and Heavy Rifle. Now I didn't really start using guns until I had access to the Heavy Rifle. I was however stockpiling all the ammo I found for the guns listed above (I had been keeping them from the first stage, so I had a LOT.)

As soon as I started using guns to solve my problems I found that you use a TON more ammo to kill someone than you find. The only gun that doesn't run your ammo dry is the upgraded 10mm Pistol, and you better have a good aim because you'll need to be getting 100% headshots for that to be true. Now I didn't just run into the front door flailing my guns around, in the latter game I was doing more of a Stealth/Lethal combo. I would simply stealth into a good position (Disabling any alarms along the way, and turrets/bots if I found the right computer.) and once I was there I would kill a guard and wait for the others to pour in and aim for their faces as they ran to get into range. Even getting a majority of my kills as Headshots I found ammo to go extremely fast.

4. One way to play. All the advertisement said otherwise. I suppose I should say one VIABLE way to play. I brought this up in one of my other points, but to me its a big enough deal to have its own point and wall of text. I do prefer stealth over guns blazing, but the fact that the game was advertised as a "Play the way you want!" game I am VERY disappointed in the fact that if your not Stealthing most of the time you are going to run out of ammo. Enemies are far to resilient and kill you much faster with the same gun. If ALL the guns played like the upgraded 10mm Pistol it wouldn't really be a problem. But every other gun starts needing to unload a full clip into an enemies face to kill them. Thats a little much... And yes before someone says it thats an overstatement, still, it takes are more shots to the head than it should to kill some enemies.

Again, I didn't have a problem getting through the game because I was mostly playing stealth. I just don't like the fact it was advertised otherwise. I mean in my head if a single person tried playing through not stealthing a red light would have gone off in their head saying "We need to change this". At least thats how it was for me. As soon as I decided to start using guns instead of stealth I realized it wasn't a viable option, even when your landing a majority of your shots on the enemies face.

Well thats all I have for now. I think Deus Ex: HR is a good game (I definitely wouldn't say GOTY though) but it could have been so much more. I was planning to play through the game a few times just to see what other choices got me but I don't want to just play stealth Every. Single. Time. So after one and a half playthroughs I'm pretty much done (To my disappointment).