View Full Version : EM please add more Steam achievements

27th Aug 2011, 16:13
I know you can't do it for the 360 because of MS's restrictions of points, but the Steam/PC version could use more achievements. I'm not even halfway my 2nd playthrough and i already have 84% of the achievements. Won't take long to have 100%

And the way the game is there could be so many more..there are so many possibilities.

The game is obviously fun to replay but having some set goals would be a nice extra for subsequent playthroughs

Small examples...

Perform x number of hacks without triggering an alarm
Collected x number of datastores on a single playthrough
Complete the game without using any praxis kit
Complete the game without using any credits
Pin x number of enemies to walls using the crossbow
Killed x number of enemies with a turret on your hands

Etc etc..

27th Aug 2011, 17:02
Yea, I was disappointed by the achievements in this game. Too many "Win X Arguement" kinds.

Personally, I was thinking of something like this-

"Bigger Boss"
~Complete the game on the hardest difficulty with 0 alarms, 0 kills, and using less than 50 saves.

"Adam Tensen"
~Have over 50 energy units worth of food in your inventory at any given time.

"Lost more than your humanity."
~Silently knock out or kill over 100 civilians in a single playthrough.

27th Aug 2011, 17:04
Lol nice.

As you see, there's a lot of potential on such a freedom based game. Do it EM :)