View Full Version : DLC Explosive mission pack code trade

27th Aug 2011, 16:01
I trade explosive mission pack codes for the tactical enhancement ones. If anybody want the explosive mission pack contact me. Only honest people please. PC version.

27th Aug 2011, 19:18
I need at least one more.

27th Aug 2011, 21:10
Wow I just looked up the Tactical Enhancement Pack. I sure would love the sniper rifle...I regret my Augmented Edition Pre-order on Steam now....

27th Aug 2011, 23:45
edit: all gone

28th Aug 2011, 02:18
I have an unused Tactical Pack code and want an Explosive Mission pack code please :) Let me know...

29th Aug 2011, 09:30
I want to trade my explosive mission key for a tactical enhancement key.

Send a PM!

29th Aug 2011, 17:17
I'll Trade Portal for Both DLC's.
I'll chuck in a Steamgifts invite to sweeten the deal, sound good?

29th Aug 2011, 23:19
I have a tactical for PC and I'll trade for an explosive. PM for the info.

30th Aug 2011, 07:42
Well I have the TF2 Items. I'm willing to trade them all for the pack with the extra side-quest. But anything is good. If that"s worth anything to anyone.