View Full Version : Australia in the DX universe

Mr Fossy
27th Aug 2011, 14:54
This one is for Australian DX:HR players...

In Deus Ex 1, Australia was relegated to a single character - a weirdo, pseudo-philosopher and conspiracy theorist who was inexplicably serving drinks in a Hong Kong nightclub. The world building, mise-en-scene and overall attention to incidental, narrative detail in Human Revolution is astonishing, and much better than other games that have come out recently. Or ever.

However, the incidental references to Australia in it are a bit odd... From what I've gathered, apparently there's some sort of war in the Northern Territory being fought against pro-China separatists. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

And, uh... This doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I mean, it's cool that Eidos Montreal went to the trouble of mentioning Australia and, you know, naming one of our states that most of the world probably don't know about.

But why would there be separatists in the Northern Territory? Western Australia, with it's mineral deposits and large-scale Chinese investment, would make more sense. Or else a smaller conflict within one of the major cities within the large Chinese community. And where would a war be fought in the top end? It's mostly nothing, isn't it? And crocodiles. Nothing and crocodiles.

Again, it's a nice mention, but it just seems like the developers looked at a map and chose the part of Australia that is geographically closest to China.