View Full Version : Essay: Don't deny humanity's destiny to become gods.

27th Aug 2011, 14:51
Choose the David Sarif ending for humanity. Becoming more than human is the only way we can solve the riddle of our existence.

My essay on the nature of existence and why transhumanism should be our goal:

I began with Jean-Paul Sartre’s recognition that “what is being” is the first and most important question. To be is to perceive. We are beings who perceive. Sensation is the building block of this perception. Consciousness is perception of our ability to perceive: two mirrors facing each other with an infinite reflection. Consciousness is infinite reflective perception. Imagination is perception where the conscious mind manipulates the senses. We literally imagine through our senses. In his study of psychology, Freud reasoned that dreams are the imagination of the subconscious or the echo of conscious imagination.

The question of whether there is meaning in human existence is recursive, an endless logical circle that defeats the purpose of even asking the question. When one ends this absurd circle, one is left with a person that either embraces nihilism or humanity—described by Albert Camus as the philosophical duality between absolute negation and absolute affirmation. Absolute negation is illogical from the perspective of human existence because it destroys the self. Absolute affirmation can lead to the will to power, as it did for Friedrich Nietzsche. At first, the will to power appears to be a path toward absolute individual freedom. However, absolute freedom leads to enslavement as unchecked megalomaniacs assume power and force their will onto others; therefore, the second path can also lead to self-destruction. To find a third path, I went back to the essence of Being.

If human existence is perception and consciousness, which is reflective perception, then the best philosophy for human beings to live on earth is one that empowers this perception. Ascension of consciousness via technology is a main feature of transhumanism, and can be achieved via technological progress in nano technology, artificial intelligence, and autoevolution.

Transhumanism is concerned with removing limits on perception and, in doing so, becoming more fully ourselves--free individuals of perception, consciousness, imagination, and dreams.