View Full Version : Who is going to replay this game?

27th Aug 2011, 14:04
I hear a lot of people saying they love this game and they finished in just a few days, some
in as little as 18 hours in the first or second day it was out:rolleyes:-"done"! (this is how I think about mowing the law or washing dishes) (seems to me I like to savor things I like and have spent my hard earned money on, But to each their own,:rolleyes:)
But is anyone planning on replaying this game and if you have how many times do you
think you'll replay it or have you finished it more than once already?

In the original Deus Ex each time you played it there is something new to discover
and a different way to play it not to mention cause of the characters and the
and the environment and the compelling store. You tend to want to stay in it and explore and not
"run to the next level" so you can finish it before the next guy. I've got a game going right now
with the first one and I see many others are on their 5th even 20th play through
and are discovering new things this is because it is a more open interactive environment
with many hidden features. Would you honestly say the same about Deus Ex human revolution?

27th Aug 2011, 14:06
Why wouldn't I replay this amazing game? There's so much to do and a lot of choices to make.

27th Aug 2011, 14:16
For console players the game has alot of replay value, pc players maybe not so much since they have the joy of playing the original (maybe one day they could do an HD remake for pc and consoles). DX3 seems to be a very focused version of the original's elements, so its much easier to find all the secrets.

I personally will be replaying the game alot, and I can see myself replaying more later in the future after Ive played a good bit of dark souls and skyrim. Maybe Dishonored can fill the void of a current gen deus ex game to your liking, so keep an eye on it.

27th Aug 2011, 14:38
I have every intention on playing through this game at least 4 times, one of which will be on the hardest difficulty. 1 play through for each ending.

I also have every intention on this being my first platinum PS3 game.