View Full Version : Fixed my stuttering and crashing to desktop!

Arthur Hucksake
27th Aug 2011, 13:18
I think I have fixed it. I updated the bios, which I doubt was the fix. But I set the CPU power settings in Windows to always 100%.

Now when running it doesn't stutter as much and the CPU usage is spiking less.

Just played from the medical facility right the way through to Montreal. So a good 4 hours of play solid in DX11 and no crashing.

The only other power saving setting that must have been on is PCI Express Link State power management was set to moderate. (Default) That was changed to off when I switched onto performance mode.

I've been unhappy with how nVidia drivers handle the clocks up and down before, with various driver sets. Removing the PCI Express link state tinkering seems to have "done" something.

Laputin Man
27th Aug 2011, 18:54
I was able to change my power setting and it did help, but I am still having a lot of problems. Before I had to ctrl alt del to get out when it froze up. Now it kicks me to desktop with the display drive error. I click ok and it lets me back into the game at the main menu and I was just clicking resume and carrying on where I was interrupted. It did this until it finall just ended the program all together.