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27th Aug 2011, 06:23
I was just fighting in Shanghai when enemies would put their weapons away, making comments like "Where did he go?" after simply taking cover. Not stealthing, not leaving the area, not ducking into a vent. Just cover behind a box or wall. Taking cover should not end combat or make enemies think that you got away. This is broken, game breaking broken. Any possibility of a patch to fix the enemy AI?

27th Aug 2011, 08:06
I'm just going to assume that you never played the original.

27th Aug 2011, 10:37
no, i didnt play the original. whats that got to do with bad AI in this game?

27th Aug 2011, 13:46
Immersive sims will always have this type of thing.This is not a corridor shooter with scripted enemies.

27th Aug 2011, 14:11
Are you playing on a console? I don't mind the AI on the PC version. I didn't have this problem, I literally went to hide in a storage room and they came to search for me. Luckily I was hiding behind a crate and they went back to their usual patrols after a while.

27th Aug 2011, 19:30
no, I'm playing on Pc on "Give me Deus Ex", the highest difficulty. the enemies are just dumb, if you duck they think you left. that seems game breaking to me. they don't advance unless I stay out in the open. if I take cover, they give up. it's very dumb.

no flanking, no tactical advance, not even them taking cover and shooting back. if i stay out in the open, THEN they will take cover and fire back (with superb aim I might add). but when i simply duck they go "oh, well he disappeared" put their weapons away and continue walking where they were.