View Full Version : Possible Ghost Bug

27th Aug 2011, 05:49
I just completed the level to recover the Typhoon from Purity First at the start of the game. I was not seen by anyone the entire time. I rescued the hostages as well as the guy's wife, Josie by talking down Zeke Sanders. I knocked out one person and he didn't see me. I was never spotted by cameras or turrets or anything else. I did have to reload a couple times when I was caught, but I know I was never seen without reloading to fix it.

At the end of the level I never received any Ghost or Smooth Operator bonus experience window. I have the achievement for getting Ghost on an earlier playthrough so I know I got it at least then. Does it just not list them if you get a bunch of bonuses in addition to the "Getting Things Done" experience possibly? Otherwise I'm not getting the bonus when I should. Haven't found anything else about a possible problem like this.

27th Aug 2011, 06:00
I ran into the same issue. I replayed the first mission once or twice just to see if I could get the ghost bonus and wasn't able to. Someone posted on a forum somewhere that there's a spot where if you're in a stairwell you can be seen by one of the patrols, but I haven't found it. I went through the second part of the first mission without ever being seen or having an alarm raised over a dead body and didn't get the ghost bonus either