View Full Version : L.I.M.B (LIMB) Meet the doctor quest will not complete.

Siberian Khatru
27th Aug 2011, 05:33

I have encountered a bug on the STEAM version of Deus Ex Human Revolution.

-I first left the Sarif building (beginning of the game).
- Next I completed some side quests like helping Megan's mother.
- I entered the L.I.M.B clinic and did not talk to anyone before leaving again to do more side quests.
- I have finished all of my side quests and the L.I.M.B main quest is all that is remaining.
- I see an X on the map screen inside the L.I.M.B clinic. It is right where the receptionist on the left side is standing.
- If I talk to the receptionist nothing happens except I can buy and sell goods.
- If I open the door to the left I can walk to the backroom and talk to Vera. However talking to her does nothing. She doesn't move anywhere and the mission marker X is no where near her.

I have played the game for 8 hours and am completely stuck with this issue. It is truly unfortunate because I really like this game. Can anyone help me with this issue? I haven't seen it posted anywhere else. I would hate to give up on this game because of this bug. I will not start over. I am playing on hard if that makes any difference.:mad2: