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27th Aug 2011, 02:25
I haven't fully tested this on other games yet so use at your own risk
Don't come crying to me if anything here messes up your other games:P

I got a workaround for the few rare players like me who use the Legacy scheme. People who use Southpaw will definitely be interested in this. I found custom built drivers for the 360 controller. It comes with a nice little GUI that allows you to do all kinds of tweaking to your controller. Here's a pic...


Setting up Southpaw controls can easily be done with this. For Legacy controls however, I had to use this driver to change the triggers to regular buttons and then use x360ce to set up the thumbsticks.

Here's how
Download the custom drivers for your 360 controller here
For wired > http://www.katch.ne.jp/~morii/driver/x360c/index.html
For wireless > http://www.katch.ne.jp/~morii/driver/x360wc/index.html

Next download x360ce beta 2 here > http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/detail?name=x360ce.App-

These instructions are for the wireless controller on windows 7
Extract the contents of x360ce to your games root folder.
Extract the contents of the custom drivers anywhere.
Manually update the driver for Xbox 360 Gaming receiver, choose to browse your computer for the driver, Let me pick let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, have disk...find the custom driver and install it.
Go back to where you extracted the custom driver files and run the .exe there. You should have a controller icon in your system tray that allows you to run the GUI pictured above.
For legacy scheme, change your triggers to button 11 and 12 and save

Then go to your games root folder and run x360ce.exe
Choose the xbox controller prest from the dropdown menu on the bottom, then load
Change your triggers to button 11 and 12
then change the left stick axis to 4 and the right stick axis to 1
Then click on the advanced tab and uncheck native mode
Then click on options and disable Fake Mode
Save and exit
copy the x360ce1_3.ini config file and paste in the same folder, rename it to x360ce9_1_0
Now fire up the game and if you here a little "bing" you should be good to go.

I can't wait to try this on my other games that don't have legacy scheme! Enjoy

29th Aug 2011, 01:00
Sorry for the double post