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26th Aug 2011, 23:47
Again, I truly appreciate the developers making this game very PC friendly with the ability to hard save as well as quick save, and autosaves. Really, no one does that anymore, and I for one appreciate it.

Previously, I suggested you include screenshots with the save b/c they are far less useful without them.

Now I am suggesting 2 things: (1) lift the cap of 99 such games and (2) more importantly, for some reason if I choose to delete them en masse from the folder, the game still thinks they are present taking up save game slots (even though they will not work b/c the underlying file is gone).

Nothing is more annoying than having to hard delete 99 save game files. Now, you may think, well who does that? For Oblivion I had in excess of 1,000 save games, and yes, I regularly deleted the old ones in groups of 100. Why? b/c the point of hard saves is to let you go back and try something different or to protect yourself from making a bad decision. Rather than trying to delete them clunkily through the game interface (are you sure you want to delete this one file? do you want to go through this process 99 times?), it's easier to locate the directory folder and delete them in total.

Of course, if I am just doing something foolish and if someone knows how to fix this, please just let me know! Otherwise, again, I respectfully suggest tweaking it this way. And again, thanks for thinking so much of us dedicated hardcore PC fans!

27th Aug 2011, 19:00
I agree, since there is no quick save function, its easier to just save often, unfortunetly ive just maxxed my saves at 99, and now i have to keep overwriting my older ones, i wouldnt mind too much, but it takes forever to scroll down to the bottom of the saves to pick one to overwrite. Manually deleting them from the folder doesnt remove them from the list either. There are other files that keep record of them. This is a really bad design overlook. Either allow us to delete saves from ingame, or remove the save cap. Im tempted to restart the game to try and keep my saves more organized, because instead of quickly saving, i now have to trawl thru them to pick on to use.

27th Aug 2011, 19:09
I agree, since there is no quick save function,

If you're talking about the PC version (which I assume you are, since only the PC version has 99 saves), then there is most certainly a quick save/load function. F5 and F8 respectively.

27th Aug 2011, 23:25
You can delete your saves on the Pc version at least with the small X next to the save game.