View Full Version : Radar disappeared and abilities gone

26th Aug 2011, 23:25
all of the on screen radar, health bars, and ammo bar have disappeared!.... and now my see through walls ability is gone. everything else shows when i go to the in game menus and look at my stats and guns and what not but when im playing everything is gone.. please make a patch. im way past the intro

26th Aug 2011, 23:41
that was my gf but i the player of the game(who doesn't care about sentence structure atm) so far is the master of glitches for dxhr i have already got augs to vanish from use, got missions to freak out on location and or not complete, had nonlethal weapons kill tanks and reg people, fall through certain parts of the game while tryin to look through walls, and my personal aboration have the hud pull a disappearing act( radar crosshair health mission locator even the cute lil interact "press x" all made like a military wife and run off with the glitch next door) ill probably end up with more before the day is through. i don't mind tho probably make a killing if i was a tester. anyways not fun having a "hardcore" eff ur couch mode i will still play the file but really fix your programming please?.. its not that hard just dont copy and paste all of your lines and go through the code. wow that was longer than intended O.o