View Full Version : why cant i equip grenades?

Joseph Manderley's Corpse
26th Aug 2011, 21:23
every time i try to equip and use a grenade, it goes to the previous weapon even though i have tones of grenades in my inventory.

26th Aug 2011, 21:32
Press "G"

Joseph Manderley's Corpse
26th Aug 2011, 21:43
Press "G"

thanks... i wonder why you cant just select and toss them with the mouse like in the original.

26th Aug 2011, 21:50
They use a different mechanic in this one, more akin to that of Far Cry or Crysis. You select the grenade you want ready, and hitting the G key throws the currently ready grenade type (or mine, mines work the same way).

Joseph Manderley's Corpse
27th Aug 2011, 00:33
doesnt seem like you have much control over distance though, unless i'm missing something.

27th Aug 2011, 06:19
Distance is hard. You have some control, as they arc. If you want to throw far, aim high. Grenades tend to bounce a bit, while mines pretty much just flop where they land. And you will set off your own mines, so be careful. They don't have an IFF built into them. :)

27th Aug 2011, 10:09
You throw them to where you're aiming ;)