View Full Version : Why this is a crappy console port:

26th Aug 2011, 20:38
1) Graphics
- Graphics-options to customize -> missing (okay rarely there ...) ...
- textures are bad
- low poly models

2) The game runs like crap. I have a rather good PC but i cant play this game without mouselag without completely turning everything down. The game will only run smooth if i play at about 100-120 fps average ...
The game is unplayable for me on any settings that drop frames to about 60 ...
(my PC i7 920, 2x 4890 ATI, 6 GB RAM ... even tried to update everything ...)

3) The aiming just feels off. Like in any crappy console port.

4) The cover system is utterly stupid. Not only because i dislike cover systems like this. But even more so due to the fact that the camera doesnt move an inch when it actually goes in the cover system which makes it look stupid ...

5) I cant even tell you if i hate or like the HUD since i havent seen it yet ...

Sorry but this game is a joke. Whoever did the PC-Playtests on this one should be fired. Not to mention that due to some forums i read there even seem to be some gamebraking bugs on console and PC ...

I really wanted to like this game but ...

And the worst thing -> controls:

This is a ******* joke. Neither can i toggle crouch or use the ironsight with a butto

26th Aug 2011, 20:48
Turn off vsync

Enjoy the GOTY

26th Aug 2011, 20:50
slam posting