View Full Version : can't get DX:HR to run in dx11

26th Aug 2011, 16:43
(GPU) Intel Core i7 930 (4 x 2.8GHz) 8 MB 4.8GT/s,
(GRAPHICS) 2 x BFG GeForce GTX 280 OC Graphics adapters - 1GB - GDDR3 SDRAM (SLI SETUP),
(RAM) Corsair 6GB (3x2GB) XMS3 1600MHz - Lifetime Warranty (DDR3),
(MOTHERBOARD) Asus P6TD Deluxe V2 (Intel X58) Motherboard,
(FAN) Zalman (CNPS10X) Ultra Quiet CPU fan,
(HARD DRIVE) 2 x WD RAPTOR X SATA 150GB UDM 150 GB (300 GB) 10000RPM 16MB (RAID), 1 x Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm,
(BLU-RAY DVD) LG Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Reader & Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer,
(SOUNDCARD) Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro 7.1,
and running windows 7 ultimate 64bit

So, I'm dx11 ready but when i run the game setup utility, the dx11 box can't be ticked, anyone got any solutions for this?

26th Aug 2011, 17:38
ok, just seen another post saying that the guy couldnt get his game to run in dx11 mode, and an admin/mod saying his card didnt fully support dx11, so i checked on my cards and what do you know, same deal, dont fully support dx11, so answered my own question.

26th Aug 2011, 18:48
Dx11 is supported only on Geforce 4xx and up and Radeon 5xxx and up cards. Yours only does Dx10. Though this game should have some Dx10 support because 10 & 11 and supposed to be backwards compatible to an extent.

26th Aug 2011, 19:01
Yeh some cards were released just as the dx11 feature set was being finalised, so these cards whilst having SOME abilities of DX11 they only qualify as DX10.1 :( sorry :(