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Akdor 1154
26th Aug 2011, 16:11
Is there any chance of an option to tweak (or in this game's case, enable) the amount of acceleration applied to mouse movements? Small mouse movements are overly sensitive and large/fast mouse movements do not turn the camera around enough; I believe the entire concept of mouse acceleration is to alleviate this. Other engines (just picking the low-hanging-fruit, but for example Source and all editions of Unreal back to U1) allow this. :)

This is not to do with V-Sync - that causes mouse lag, and I have it turned off in any case.

Enjoying the first level, but finding it very difficult to set it up in a way that aiming feels natural.


27th Aug 2011, 03:16
Not sure if this is related or not, but my question is: Why is the mouse speed so much slower on the map screen than the rest of the game?
Just when I get the sensitivity just right for playing, the map screen takes many click-and-drags to see all the map. Hopefully that can be fixed!

27th Aug 2011, 04:55
I notice Zero acceleration on the mouse in this game.

And I'm very over-sensitive to this as mouse accel makes me rage. (especially negative accel profiles)

27th Aug 2011, 05:39
There is no mouse acceleration in the game, period. However, SSAO and v-sync can cause mouse lag (SSAO due to the additional rendering time required, v-sync due to the fact that it delays when frames are refreshed), and you may have your mouse X and Y values calibrated differently. For a lag-free experience you'll want to completely turn off SSAO and v-sync, and make sure your X and Y sensitivity are identical.

27th Aug 2011, 07:00
I wonder if it's the SSAO that makes it feel like the lips aren't quite synced to the audio when the NPCs talk?

27th Aug 2011, 07:04
Do none of you guys have the slow mouse in the map screen? Mine is fine in game, just slow as hell in the map.

Akdor 1154
27th Aug 2011, 08:44
Yes, there is no mouse acceleration in this game. This is a pain as everyone has different play styles. Most other engines allow it - hell, it's even built in to all versions of Windows since 95! I'm not saying turn it on for everyone because this Akdor guy on the forum seems to like it, I'm asking if it would be possible to have it as an option, like about every other first person game every made. :p

27th Aug 2011, 15:54
Can't you just enable mouse acceleration through your mouse firmware?

Akdor 1154
28th Aug 2011, 08:49
on my MS mouse it's done in software, driver-side. I'm pretty sure DX bypasses this somehow (I know it's possible to do this as Source games have an option to). Are there mice available which process acceleration themselves?