View Full Version : Haas: Impossible to fail

26th Aug 2011, 14:20
So I'm on my second playthrough, and am making Jensen a total ass. Assault is the main means of getting things done, but for a roleplaying perspective I'm trying to give him a "reason" to break into /shoot up the police station, hence I talk to Haas at reception and try to piss him off

Anyone else find this impossible? I've tried doing straight Crush, Straight Pleading, and straight absolving and any number of combinations and the guy will NOT refuse me entry into the morgue! This is kinda disappointing because it makes the conversation very... transparent? Anyone else run into this?

26th Aug 2011, 14:23
I've failed that conversation many, many times... he can definitely get pissed off!

26th Aug 2011, 14:36
most of the speech "fights" are way to easy imo... ive gotten all of them (all up to returning to detroit, havent gotten any futher yet) right on the first try without any speech augs.

keep in mind that speech is like a rock paper scissor type game so i highly dout to piss him off the choices would be all the same, just try to read the responses and see which one would make him mad. also i dont know how it is for all speech "fights" but is there a timer? cause one time during the first speech "boss" i waited to long to respond and he said "you dont have anything to say?" and it gave me a little more time to respond (dont know what would happen if i waited any longer).