View Full Version : No In-Game Menus Or On Screen Health Bar

26th Aug 2011, 14:07
Purchased retail version with high hopes. Installed from DVD and after large STEAM download, game loaded smoothly. Started playing the game and it ran fine, with the rather important exceptions of no in-game menus ( TAB, I, O and P keys do not do anything) and I get no on screen statistics, like a health bar etc.. Mapable keys, like E ( interaqct) or C ( crouch) do work. At this stage the game is uplayable. Any help would eb appreciated.:(

26th Aug 2011, 15:55
How far are you in the game? You know that most of the things you mentioned (including HUD) will become available later on due to story reasons. Just play for about 20-30 minutes (past the prologue). If you are much farther into the game than I don't know what could cause this.

26th Aug 2011, 16:03
Many other posts about this for all versions of the game. Eidos has yet to respond to us that are having this issue and no indication that they give a crap at all that there are A LOT of us who can't even play the damn game because of this.

26th Aug 2011, 16:32
Thanks for the responses. I am about 25 minutes into the game. I do not know why these abilities ( like seeing menus and having things like a health bar on the screen) are not there on first loading fo the game, as is the case for thousands of other games. Will play on as best I can.

27th Aug 2011, 13:20
You dont get a HUD until you have completed the tutorial level and Jensen has been augmented.