View Full Version : HOWTO: How I beat Barrett on Hard without grenades

26th Aug 2011, 11:43
To follow this, you will probably need at least one health restore item.

I will assume you have the assault rifle that the guys before this boss fight use. If not, go back and get a few.

Okay. The second the cutscene ends, turn left and take cover behind the small cluster of crates close to the wall. This cluster is the key to this fight.

IMMEDIATELY pop out and shoot the explosive canister next to Barrett. If this stuns him, you can get in a full magazine at his head (burst fire!), otherwise don't worry about it.

Now. Don't stay in Cover, but stay close to the crates. Barrett will approach. To get to you, he can either go left or go right. When he goes left, you must move to the right until he changes his mind and goes right instead, after which you must move back to the left. This will effectively keep Barrett stuck for the time being.

While you are doing this, wait out his long fire pattern, then pop out, shoot him a few times (but no more than seven shots!), and go back to crouching.

Keep doing this until you get to the part where he throws grenades. At this point it becomes luck-based - you have either damaged him enough or not.

In any case - jump out and let him grab you. Eat your strongest health item now. Assuming you survive the grenades behind you, and his punch - he will now be prone and unable to immediately fire his gun, and you will be right next to his face with a (hopefully fully reloaded) assault rifle.

Empty the clip in his face.

If this does not kill him: you are dead. Retry.

Otherwise: well done.

28th Aug 2011, 04:01
Beat him on hard today too, ive got a couple xtra praxis points avaiable and heard it may be an idea to invest in armor even tho im not focusing on combat, also double takedown seems cool. My hacking is maxed in capture and stealh, any thoughts?

Back to the topic at hand, concuss nade, three snipes in head, move, three snipes in head, dead. Did it it prob 6th try. No points in armor or recoil reduce or anything of that nature. Need more gun upgrades cuz i was hsing him with the pistol multiple times and i have quite a few upgrades plus armor piercing, literally did nothing. Starting to upgrade my sniper for it to be beast when i encounter later bosses. Spoiler: Heard 2nd boss emp armor is almost a must tho, lemme know whatcu guys think, i got jumping inventory maxed icarus etc.

I like to explore, sorry for rant its the urkle

28th Aug 2011, 04:18
All you really have to do is open up with something that will stun or stagger him, or elsewise just run to the right immediately and begin lobbing gas canisters and exploding barrels at him. He'll die from those alone on any difficulty.

You don't need grenades or a single shot fired.

28th Aug 2011, 05:18
I didn't have any problem with him on med difficulty. He's a walking tank...he's going to kill you outright if you try to take him head on...just immediately sprint for cover and lay into him with whatever you have. When he starts the nade animation, sprint to the next column. Lead him into the explosive barrels, or toss 'em at him and he goes down pretty fast. Also, hit him with head shots...he has no protection there...rest of his body is all augmented.