View Full Version : Revolving black screens, and audio loop.

26th Aug 2011, 11:26
basicly i start up deus ex and i get the vista loading icon, and then the screen freezes, goes black and now switched between two shades of black as if the gcard was failing, and then i get slight audio loops from the ads at the start of the game, but its still blacked screened.

ive updated my drivers to 11.8 and didnt help and ive tried the atidll.dll fix thing and didnt work and now im just about to install new audio drivers to see if that works. if anyone else is getting the graphics card failing to load a stupid intro then please help or join in.

My specs are:

Sapphire ati 4870 512mb 11.8 drivers.
Core 2 quad 2.6ghz
Vista 32bit home premium
4gb 800mhz ram
Acer monitor X193hq
Ntrust speakers

No other game makes my monitor and gpu fail apart from this crap, thanks. :mad2:

Edit: im also using the non duluxe steam version and im from the UK.

27th Aug 2011, 01:59
Bump! please help, been out for a day now and i still havnt got round to playing it =(