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26th Aug 2011, 07:08
so i got this upgrade and have no idea how it works or how to utilize the information it give me
can anyone offer some advice

28th Aug 2011, 19:33
Yes, I bought it too yet despite much searching I cannot find how I'm supposed to benefit from it.

I expected it to bring up extra options (as noted in the manual) or to guide me in some way visually but apart from the pheromone option it appear to do nothing useful.

28th Aug 2011, 20:42
The social aug has two main uses.

The first one is a more common use. When talking to someone, you get three bars for Alpha, Beta and Omega. They represent three personality types. As you talk to the person, the bars will blink, hinting at their personality type. The more bars that are activated, the more of that personality the person exhibits.

At some point later in the conversation you can choose to release a cloud of pheromones. When you do this you are given three conversation options to try. If you had been paying attention to which of the three personality points the person is giving off, you can choose which conversation option will probably get you what you want. Hover the cursor on each option and it will tell you which type, Alpha Beta or Omega, corresponds to the conversation point you want to try.

If you pick the right one you will be given some reward, such as information or cash. Without the aug you aren't even given the option for the extra reward.

The other use is in the social "boss fights."

You are provided a psychological profile which will help you choose what to say to them. You are also given a bar that shows how influenced they are by what you are saying. The key is to listen to what they say and offer the correct response. The psych profile information will help you with this. Without the aug you have no profile to help you choose what to say and you may or may not be able to tell whether you are influencing them or not.

28th Aug 2011, 20:52
^Pretty much that.

For the sake of unless information and using up a post. The Alpha is more aggressive/defensive/lying type, Beta is very suave like and contains a mixture of Alpha and Omega while Omega is quite a depressive/clam/truthful.

28th Aug 2011, 21:06
Yup I agree. These are really fun for me. I like social Boss fights. They should had replaced combat boss fights with more of these or the option of doing a social boss fight with those people.

28th Aug 2011, 23:46
I've read the pheromone gas is only available sometimes, so it was the psychological profile side I was interested in.
I can't really see how it helps you arrive at a conclusion during a conversation.

Using it with Wayne Hass for instance gives a personality which lists 3 traits that are all different to each other and align with any of the 3 options.

Using the pheromone against him instead didn't bring up any further options, I saved and repeated several times and as soon as the gas is released there's no more choices to be made you just end up blackmailing/threatening him.

The better outcome with him was ignoring the aug information and making my own choices. Perhaps the conversation with him is bugged?