View Full Version : Cloaks and Daggers FIX! works!! (Spoilers!)

26th Aug 2011, 07:02

Somebody gave me this solution on gamefaqs, so much thanks to that person

From Double T's room go up to the highest window and climb out. You should see a water tower and the cyan quest icon should be right above it. Shoot it with a sniper rifle from the fire escape, and it should complete that part of the quest. I can only confirm that it works on PS3. Give it a shot,it only takes a couple minutes to try it.

26th Aug 2011, 14:28
im on pc and tried it. didnt work.

i need to get double T but its funny.. how the icon which shows where he is is sitting right over that water tower. its total nonsense and a bad spawn.

27th Aug 2011, 16:36
Just wanted to verify that this does work (I'm on PC). The trick is, you have to get closer than 90m. If you're in the corner of the top of the outside stairs, you can get to be about 85m away. You will notice with the sniper rifle that the reticle turns red when you are aiming at the enemy. Thanks!!!

28th Aug 2011, 05:25
the same set of stairs with the two open windows you enter through to get to the mcb room or arms dealer? I ask because top corner of those stairs and the closest i can get without falling is 116m

1st Sep 2011, 01:49
I don't see my reticule turning red at all and I'm at the top of the stairs overlooking the water tower. Can you please upload a youtube video showing exactly what one has to do?

1st Sep 2011, 02:07
Found a video of someone performing the workaround but unfortunately my guy is still further than 100 m even when I get outside to the stairs.


1st Sep 2011, 16:45
Try entering/exiting a building (like LIMB) to make the environment reload? Also, I noticed that the distance number changed when you are crouching (crawling) underneath the building. For me, it changed between 60m and 25m. Maybe doing this will somehow reset it?