View Full Version : Passive 3D Interleaved modification

26th Aug 2011, 06:24
Right now the current passive 3d method in DE:HR is to render even/odd lines directly to the screen without any Anti-aliasing to smooth the jaggies when outputting interleave. Can you change your line-interleaved support to have an optimized version similar to IZ3D drivers that apply AA to blend the lines together.

1. This will fix any jaggies and lines that occur from using the Horizontal Line-Interleaved 3d mode that Deus Ex HR uses natively due to the nature of Passive 3D screens.
2. This will not impact the performance of the game that much and to see an example of Horizontal Line Interleaved with AA, IZ3D has that option and it is called Interleaved Horizontal Optimized.
3. This will also fix any problems with small text such as dialogs from become blocky and reading E-books much easier on the eyes too.