View Full Version : Poor thought on save games files system

26th Aug 2011, 04:44
Guys, first let me say so far I love the game as much as the original (and that's saying something). However, I decided to let my son log in (vista 64bit pro, separate account) and play tonight as I took a break. Much to my surprise I found we were having to SHARE save game files (after he accidentally saved over my quick save). Seriously guys? I have 10 year old games that have better save game systems (giving each new game a "nickname/folder", saving in a users my documents...etc... can't we fix this?

Secondly, the game artificially causes "thorough" people like me (24 hours of play and still haven't taken out the antenna) a lot of extra running around. I can't help it, I'm going to take each extra pistol/machine pistol/shotgun...etc... and sell it instead of picking it up and getting 1 bullet (seriously? Are all these guys Barney 5 clones?). That's a LOT of running back and forth......, why can't we pick up multiple of the same weapons? Just leave the ammo separate and in the inventory of the "bad" guy if it's causing a programming glitch with ammo.

On the bright side that's about all I can say bad about the game but... please fix these things when you can get to them.


26th Aug 2011, 04:48
They want everyone to buy their own copy now-a-days, which is silly.