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26th Aug 2011, 03:26
So what are your thoughts on the game so far? What Augmented Choices with the Phraxs points have you made so far and why? How has that impacted your gameplay?

My Thoughts on this game is they really have done an amazing job making a great game! So many throwbacks to deus ex one just in the first few levels. Like....0451 - is the code to the eveletor on the first level and to the storage bay outside of Unatco HQ in DX 1. Secondly. When you go into the girls bathroom. You are scolded for it...just like in the first game. There is a few others as well.

I really like the weapons, The music and have grown to really like the yellowness of the game.
The Social Interactions and the whole Political and Religious and Human Views and struggle between progress and morality is simply AMAZING and so far beyond realistic that I could swear I am in the future.

My Choices so far. Before the first boss I had nothing but Hacking skills put in. My Hacking skill and hacking stealth is almost maxed. I got another point in hacking left than the extra options for hacking like seeing what will happen before I make the choice to hack etc.

I got one point in my Armor and the social enhancement as well as the opening of the stealth enhancement.
I tend to sneak everywhere and take people out with my hands rather than my gun and I do not usually kill. I tried gun fights and those do not go very well.

Always try to find another path is what I am not trying to do. I think I might wanna go for the cloak and max out stealth so Hacking and stealth is all I do.

This game is really great and if it keeps it up through out the entire game I must dare say it will not only be a success for me but have as much playability as the first game...if not more because of the amount of side missions I am seeing.

26th Aug 2011, 04:24
Without giving any spoilers, I will say -- with pride -- that my suspicions were correct. I'd posted here with guarded optimism all last year, enjoying what I was hearing, convinced that the developers were doing it well, nervous at times, but never falling into the nihilistic troll-trap of some people...

And Deus Ex 3 has turned out to be a spectacular video game experience. I was a believer within the first three hours, and I'm hooked. Eidos Montreal listened, did their research, and did the franchise the justice it deserved.

I won't post on my choices yet. Wait for others to finish the game. And TAKE YOUR TIME is my recommendation... this isn't a game you want to blow through.


26th Aug 2011, 05:53
This game took me by surprise. I had as much fun as I did with mass effect 2 and metal gear solid 4.
Pros: Stealth/Tactical gunplay approach is really unique
Soundtrack is great
Voice Acting (Adam Jensen) is well done
Persuasion events are really fun
Weapons are very well diversed

Cons: Way too many useless hackable items with useless messages
Some augments are useless (Fortify, Steal Enhancers, and sprint upgrades)
3rd person view should have been an option for the whole game
Endings *a lot of loose ends
Batteries should've recharged more than one after you fully upgraded the recharge augment.

26th Aug 2011, 07:00
I liked it,but I want more of everything !

26th Aug 2011, 07:35
I've only finished the factory mission so far (taking my sweet time) but I spent the 3 Praxis points I scored on: Hacking (capture) level 2, heavy lifting, and an extra inventory column.

I've only scratched the surface of this game and I love it already. Savoring every moment.

Cons: Way too many useless hackable items with useless messages

They're worth 25 Praxis points apiece, if nothing else. What, you expect a shiny prize down the end of every explorable avenue?

It's about time that the usual conventions get smashed to bits with a nail-spiked baseball bat. This game will sometimes even set you back for being complacent. I dig it.

26th Aug 2011, 07:42
Love the game
Best choice I made was to drop every single upgrade onto my 10mm pistol

Makes me feel like a bad ass when I take out 10 plus guards armed with assualt rifles with nothing but a pistol

oh and I carry around a rocket launcher as backup.

But one choice I made was letting Sanders live and well, not much of an impact so far.

26th Aug 2011, 10:33
Ive been following DX:HR ever since that beautiful CGI trailer at E3, and for once, a game has delivered on a fantastic trailer with the most immersive experience I've had all year. Booting up DX:HR was like coming home, they've nailed every single thing they tried to achieve and this game has truly reminded me why I love gaming so much. Eidos Montreal deserves every single penny they get, and I hope word of mouth boosts this game to the top of the list of anyone who enjoys video games.

So far I have concentrated my praxis points into strictly hacking and exploration augments.


1 point: hacking level 2
1 point: hacking level 3
1 point: hacking level 4
1 point: stealth hacking


2 points: jumping increase to 3 meters(9 feet)
1 point: wall punch
1 point: lift heavy objects


1 point: added energy bar(extra battery)

Next praxis points will be dropped into

-Icarus Landing System: 2 points
-Hacking Level 5: 1 point
-Hacking Stealth: Max out
-Camo: Max out
-Extra Battery: at least 2 more points(may max it out)

I will then go from there. At that point I will be able to get anywhere, hack anything, and be a silent killer. On a side note, this playthrough is not non-lethal or trying to be completely stealth. I think with games like this you're meant to live with you're decisions, so unless I die, I will not restart a checkpoint just because a coupl guards went into hostile mode. I may back off and choose another approach, or try to get the guards away from others, dispatch them, and hide the bodies. It's things like this that make the game so impactful. Just because you broke you're cover doesn't mean you're down and out( unless stealth is required of an objective). Take a deep breath, back off a bit, and go at it from another angle.

26th Aug 2011, 13:22
Every time I hit a city hub I search out a LIMB clinic and drop 10k on two Praxis kits, first thing. So far, I've maxed out the hacking augmentation and the hacking stealth, and I've filled out the inventory completely. I waited until I was almost done in Detroit before I picked up cloak, though I've now maxxed it out. I eventually took the dermal armor (mainly to get the EMP shielding, I have a suspicion someone is going to be using it against me, plus I can stand in my own EMP grenades/mines blast area now) and am debating where to go here. I may get the cyber legs, though I don't really need the run silent line of augs; I've been effective in stealth without it. I haven't gotten smart vision or the stealth enhancer line of augmentations. I did get the Icarus system (turns out to be VERY handy) but not the reflex booster.

As a side note, the 10mm pistol is surprisingly deadly with modifications. Silencer + laser sight + quantum tunnelling (negate armor) + generic mods, and it's 1 shotting armored and helmeted guards with a headshot.
Anyone saw the video where Jensen is in Tai Yong and the guy upgrades is movement stabilizer to shoot the guard on the catwalk? I hit that point last night, and the target guard in the video is within range of the 10mm pistol from the same spot.

26th Aug 2011, 14:04
Anyone saw the video where Jensen is in Tai Yong and the guy upgrades is movement stabilizer to shoot the guard on the catwalk? I hit that point last night, and the target guard in the video is within range of the 10mm pistol from the same spot.

Different difficulty levels?

26th Aug 2011, 14:33
Different difficulty levels?

No idea. I'm on medium, and can't say what difficulty level that gameplay video was using.