View Full Version : Thanks for the patch - I crash much faster now

26th Aug 2011, 03:07
That's actually a true statement. It now only takes me one screen to crash instead of three. Progress? i think not.

Yeah i'm not posting in the crash section because im sick of this crap and I've posted there enough. It's been four days and after trying every possible solution I still havent gotten past the intro sequence. All my errors and crap have been posted ad nauseum I just need to vent.

26th Aug 2011, 03:26
I feel for you bud. They should not have released the game like this. I am fortunate in that I can at least play... but I am forced to turn off DX11, turn FXAA on high, and the gameplay can get very choppy. I only discovered this after extensive tweaking with the settings which took hours and about 50 freezes.

People who buy the game at launch should not be BUG TESTERS!

26th Aug 2011, 04:45
Since you're just venting I won't bother posting anything that might help you. I will say, however, that in 18 hours of play I've had zero crashing during game play, and only once had a problem during startup. What it is about your system that makes it crash I don't know. I'm just glad I don't share it.

26th Aug 2011, 14:26
i really laughed hard at the title irl.

ive had 0 crashes but have been stuck with npcs spawning in the wall, mission npc's bugged with no leave convo happening. i guess i can feel ur pain.

26th Aug 2011, 15:01
I have posted this allot, but I am going to anyways. Try to underclock your video to stock speeds if it is overclocked or underclock it if its already at stock speeds. I managed to fix the dx11 crashing issues. I can't guarantee it will work but its worth a shot.