View Full Version : Crash at the beginning of 2nd level, I'm disappointed.

26th Aug 2011, 02:52
The game crashes at the beginning of 2nd level, tried many "solutions", none helped. I just wanted to say that I'm really disappointed, having to spent time looking for solutions instead of playing. I haven't seen a game with so many issues in long time, it's like a beta version, many patches will be needed to run it normally. When we acquiring a game we assume that the people who made that game spend time polishing it, so it can be run smoothly and without problems on all systems, that some people actually spend time doing that and received money for they "work". Or by trying to achieve the first game feel, the devs also brought the tech issues from the 90s as a bonus?

26th Aug 2011, 03:57
It's definitely harder to justify buying games these days...

It's not just Deus Ex though, since the MBA types joined the gaming companies it's been mostly nothing but crap. There are a few shining stars out there without a doubt, but of the last 5 steam games I've bought, 4 of them are unplayable. Been building computers and playing games since I was 9 years old, and after 25 years of building and playing, I think it's just about time to throw in the towel on brand name non-indie PC games.

When I was a kid I had a game called the Hunchback of Notre Dame for the Commodore 64 (w speed load!) and in the middle of the game it would drop to the command line because of a bad line of code. After days of trial and error, I managed to figure out how to correct the offending line of code, and if you typed it in the game would come right back up and continue from where it left off. Awesome!

Fast forward ~8 years.

When I was using my 286 (with turbo 33 bizzlesnitches!) I would spend days finding the perfect amount of expanded ram and extended ram to play Wing Commander. If you didn't have the perfect balance between the two it would take forever to load. So you became a freakin scientist to find just the right balance to play it at top notch level, but... I was in control! I made it happen from tweaks. But once it was up it worked forever. Hardware didn't matter, you had profiles when you loaded a game to say what compatibility you had. Press 1 for Sound Blaster, Press 2 for Sound Blaster 64, Press 3 for etc etc. Once you did that and set your ram, the game just ran till you beat it or got bored.

Fast forward ~10 years

I had some issues with controls in GTA3, not liking the defaults for flying with a mouse. (It was seriously insanely impossibly hard.) I was able to edit .ini files to get the sensitivity turned down there and make the game playable again. It was obviously built for using a controller but I prefer to aim with a mouse.

Fast forward to today

Now, it's three 2GB files in a directory. No ini's, no clue of a fix in the future, no chance of making it happen yourself. You are at the mercy of whatever pittance the MBA's threw at support, and the only way you are getting a patch is if it's a class A bug. Class B such as stuttering that makes you feel sick but the game still 'runs' usually don't get fixed most of the time (though there was enough press for DEHR that they hopefully will).