View Full Version : Chapter 14, Hanger 18, stuck in control room glitch

26th Aug 2011, 02:29
I get to the control room from the elevator, am prompted to push the button to open the hanger roof, which does, but then I'm stuck. I cannot open the door, and Mallick does not arrive to pick me up (granted she is dead in my game, but I saw it work out this way on a youtube vid about the hanger 18 trophy). Anyone else with this issue?

This is the PC steam version.

26th Aug 2011, 15:39
I got past it, here is how:

Sometimes I would load and the elevator would allow me to go back down, so I took the elevator down, walked all the way back to the boss fight area, and went back to the hanger, I think it took two of three tries, but eventually, when I got back the aircraft was waiting, the scientists boarded, and the game continued.

5th Jan 2012, 17:22
I've had something similar happening.

Malik died on mine as well, the airship is loaded and everything, but when I press the button, the hanger roof opens and then nothing happens. It'd be real nice if I could actually beat this game, rather than waste my time on a dumb glitch -.-

Oh, and i'm on PS3 version

6th Aug 2012, 20:26
I'm using the latest patch and the glitch still hasn't been fixed. Now I'm stuck in the control room. Great!