View Full Version : Change Subtitles into Spanish/German

26th Aug 2011, 02:25
I wanna play the game Audio English, Spanish Subtitles or any other subtitles language.

I'm going to suggest to add some Subtitles Changer, but i really want to be avaible to change subtitles.

If anyone knows how to change subtitles (just subtitles, audio is fine), please tell me.

Thank you!

26th Aug 2011, 07:57

We need an subtitle language option.

This is obvious and I can't figure out how they forgot such an option

26th Aug 2011, 09:32
It would be very nice, because in some cases Audio is not so good as English and in some cases, such as Russian localisation, it is just terrible and even offensive, because I don't want to hear how antagonists in the game speak with stupid "Georgian" or "Ukrainian" accent, because localizators think that it would be "just fun". However, I would like to have Russian or German subtitles with English audio, so totally agree.

27th Aug 2011, 22:57
Sing up! people! we can do this :)

Go Eidos! go!

28th Aug 2011, 00:59
As long as they keep the ability for english subittles, then I'm all for it.