View Full Version : White Graphic Effects Causing Reboot

26th Aug 2011, 02:18
I've looked around a bit and I don't see anyone else having a similar issue. The first time I noticed it was when you are dropped off at the helipad, I turned around to watch the jet take off and BAM off goes my computer.

I fixed it by not turning around and looking at the jet after I reloaded. It happened again later with the jet, but then I turned off DX11 and it seemed to work. Later in the fight with Bull, one of his gernades went off in my face and shut off my pc. I will say it was kind of unique to be killed and actually have my entire computer shut off, but it was also rather annoying.

Now I'm about to leave the warehouse after the Bull fight, but there is a cutscene where I'm forced to watch the jet take off, and it resets my desktop every time.