View Full Version : Minor starting issue: Setup every time

26th Aug 2011, 01:03
I have a very small issue that I'd like to ask about. When I try to start the game from within Steam I get asked if I want to "Play Deus Ex" or "Setup Deus Ex". This happens every time even though I already did it the first time. Is that intentional? It saved my decisions so there is no point in setting it up again especially if I can also do it InGame. If there is a way to deactivate it that would be nice. (BTW, I don't want to make a desktop shortcut - even though this seems to solve it - because I want to start it from within steam in order to keep my desktop clean.)

26th Aug 2011, 12:04
Noone has the same problem and knows a fix?

26th Aug 2011, 16:46
Oh come on. At least a quick: "Have the same problem" or "No just you" would suffice because I don't know if it is normal or not.