View Full Version : PC (Steam) Issues(?)

26th Aug 2011, 00:01
Hi there,

I'm experiencing a number of what I think are issues in the game. However, I'm not entirely sure.

First, when using the menus or conversing with characters, most of the time I have to use the arrow keys and the press enter to select the option. However, sometimes I can select by clicking with my mouse. This also makes it impossible for me to switch options in the TAB menus.

Secondly, if I've got the tranquilizer gun equipped, there is no aiming reticle. This makes it incredibly hard to aim.

Please let me know if these are actually issues, or if I'm supposed to play the game this way. Also, if they are issues, what I can do to resolve them.

Thanks in advance.

26th Aug 2011, 00:06
I'm pretty sure the tranquilizer rifle having no reticle is intentional. It operates pretty much like a sniper rifle. Incase you didn't know, you can iron-sight or "scope in" in this game. Give it a try. You probably don't have a reticle because it's meant to be used while scoped.