View Full Version : Fine, I'll ask again without spoilers. Is there any way to noclip?

26th Aug 2011, 00:00
Is there any way to noclip or turn on the developer console in this game? I'm stuck behind a glitch and can't complete the game.

26th Aug 2011, 02:24
If there are officially no cheats, then there are no easy ways to activate them.

26th Aug 2011, 04:20
Try Posting in the technical forums. The developers surely have a "no clip" code at their disposal, but they don't seem to be paying attention to the general discussion forum. The technical forum has Eidos Reps reading and responding to posts. You might have better luck over there.

26th Aug 2011, 05:09
In that case, someone bring up the dev console over there then too...