View Full Version : BENELUX Edition DLC code

25th Aug 2011, 22:26
I just bought today the retail version of Deus Ex Human Revolution "BENELUX EDITION" which comes with a voucher for the Explosive Mission Pack + Tactical Enhancement Pack.

While i am still in the process of downloading the full game through Steam, i wanted to ask the people the following question if they can answer it..

the steps i did:

1.) I entered the registration code for steam for the main game as first, while the game wasnt unlocked yet, when it suddenly gave me a warning that i couldnt install the game because it wasnt unlocked yet on Steam.

2.) I then entered the DLC code from voucher. On the voucher was a warning that i needed to activate the main game before i unlock the DLC...

3.)The next thing i did was entering the registration code for steam for the main game again but it told me i could pre-install the game through my game library..

so now i am affraid i did something wrong that the DLC wont be activated right and that i wasted a DLC code..

Does somebody can answer me this : did i done the right thing? do i need to contact support or what do i need to do ? It feels like ages before the game is finished pre-installing on Steam before i know the answer if i did right or wrong...

25th Aug 2011, 22:38
Just wait until the game unlocks and then activate DLC code again.