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25th Aug 2011, 20:25
Here is a new Update list for Deus Ex Human Revolution.


25th Aug 2011, 20:27
And here is the list of updates so that people don't need to leave this webzone:

• A frequent issue for AMD/ATI hardware users that can cause the game to crash on startup.
• Improvements to loading speed. The speed increase depends on machine spec and settings, but loading time improvements of over 50% have been measured on some machines.
• Some control fixes:
- Diagonal movement is no longer faster as intended.
- Adjustments have been made to mouse sensitivity in response to user feedback.
- Mouse sensitivity for X and Y axis can still be configured separately, but is now consistent when set to default - settings.
- The range of settings for mouse sensitivity has been adjusted to provide for more accurate adjusting.
- The default mouse sensitivity has been altered to be somewhat less sensitive.

25th Aug 2011, 20:35
Jay already posted (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=120136) in Tech forum.