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25th Aug 2011, 20:07
Ok, so obviously I'm not gonna be able to unlock them all in my first playthrough. I'm really trying to prioritize what to get. I'm mostly going stealth. So right now I'm kinda all over the place with some in stealth tree (mark lvl 1 and vision cone), cloak lvl 1, I have a point or two in strength (capacity and heavy objects), hacking 2, and dual takedowns, icarus landing, and see through walls. Right now I'm doing pretty well, but I'm not sure where to go from hear.

My questions:
-How good is the Typhoon Explosion system? Is it useful at all for someone that's trying to stealth. Yes, I have a firefight sometimes, but mostly I try my best to sneak.
-How useful is "punch through walls"? I haven't got it yet, but I'm interested in it. Useful for stealth?
-Energy. I know I need it, but I can only ever recharge back to 1 energy cell, right? So I just don't know how useful upgrading energy capacity is (or recharge for that matter, because I can wait...)
-Social: I've been able to smooth talk my way through things without it so far. Maybe it gets harder.
-Jump enhancement? I've been able to find other ways so far when it looks like I need to make a large leap.
-Silent running could be useful...but like I said SOOO many ways to go right now I really don't know.

I'm unsure. I think right now I'm gonna upgrade my cloak slightly just because its good, but after that, I have no idea.

Any advice?