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25th Aug 2011, 20:00
So I pre-ordered the Augmented edition on steam quite some time ago, because well I like being able to download my games and steam had the weapons pack with the sniper rifle. Win win?

Not only was there zero information on how to download your soundtrack and other Aug edition items (the tools menu). There is still ZERO information how to access the items, where they downloaded to is not shown at all.

That's a little beef, considering I'm 15 hours into the game.

Big beef is it was shown a ton of different times in fliers that we would get some special content for pre-order, then after checking back to that same flier.. it mysteriously changed to "check with your retailer for the bonus"

I've read in many places that the Augmented edition comes with the tactical pack.. In EU apparently it comes with both.. no biggie.. really only want the tactical pack.

But I'm 15 hours into the game already (at this point I'd just downloaded the AE content from the tools). So I doubt that the stuff will magically appear into my inventory.

So I start a new game, figuring to be rewarded with my items. Get into Sarif headquarters.. no items. Wtf?

So what's the deal here.... what items are included and what arent.. where the heck can I get the soundtrack and other content items from?

Oh, and if we don't get the preorder bonus.. please tell me why I should ever buy an eidos title ever again? Especially if they pull copies of the game from gamestop because they whine about digital copies (onlive.. but not steam.. they don't seem to care about that)... and the items can't be gotten in game otherwise... so it does effect gameplay..

25th Aug 2011, 20:06
Have you checked the tech forum, where it has many posts explaining how and where the pre-order packs are and how they accessed?

25th Aug 2011, 20:30
Have you checked the tech forum, where it has many posts explaining how and where the pre-order packs are and how they accessed?

Sure did, everyone is complaining eidos essentially did a bait and switch gambit on US customers who ordered via steam. They have always listed the pre-order bonus items for vendors.. still do to this day list them on their website. Augmented edition is said to have the tactical pack in several places.

There is no solid information from official sources one way or another.. Either way it's unreasonable to think that if you pre-order the more expensive copy you get screwed out of the items that the standard copy gets for pre-ordering... because you bought a copy with a sound track essentially.

25th Aug 2011, 21:03
I waited until the middle of July to pre-order, for various reasons, so I can't say about what was listed before. However, as of the middle of July, the Steam version did not list either one of the bonus packs. It was the determining factor for me as to where to order, and I chose Amazon because I wanted the tactical pack (mainly for the 10,000 credits).

25th Aug 2011, 21:36
same problem is here... still dont have pre-ordered dlc's =(

25th Aug 2011, 21:44
I pre-ordered the AE a long time ago on Amazon, thinking I'd get the Tactical dlc pack; however, it came without. Hope I can get it sometime near the future.

25th Aug 2011, 22:06
I posted this yesterday http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=119899 which quotes directly from a leaflet in my AE version about the mission and bonus items.